My parents still live in the home of my early childhood in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a wonderful place nestled on acreage that I ran, hid, and played in for many years.

The first time I moved away from home it was to attend culinary arts school in Louisville, Kentucky. It took a truck, an SUV, and my Geo Metro to get all of my things to my new apartment. At the end of the term, I called my parents and cried until they let me transfer to the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana. It only took the Geo to move my stuff that time. I swore I would never return to Louisville again.

From Evansville I moved over the blessed Ohio River for the first time to the small community of Henderson, Kentucky. I moved to escape what was a dangerous turn of events into a little two bedroom apartment close to the police department. That river made me feel a little safer, so much water between where I had left and all.

Henderson could not contain me, though.

Despite my previous statement about Louisville, I returned to attend school yet again. This time, I was a seminary student at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I followed the blessed Ohio River down to my new destination.

Just where do I call home and how do I even get there?

My Current Home feels rough around every edge. It is like a rock that has had every element rush against it (especially the water of the blessed Ohio). This rock is impossible to penetrate fully, though it has been moved about a bit by the currents of life. Were it a small stone in the mosaic of life, it would be centrally placed. Home is in the center of the masterpiece of my life, despite its sometimes lack of physical external beauty. Its beauty comes from the way it continuously withstands the journey.

Right now, home is the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Right now, home is where my children and partner and I live. Right now, home is a comforting place I rest each night. Other posts will explain why so many other places were also called home.